Save Tens of Thousands in Interest With the Freedom Loan

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Freedom home loans are designed to give you one thing: Freedom from Interest Dollars savings tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands over the life of the loan! Often, obtaining a mortgage or refinancing can be an overwhelming process. It requires lots of money, lots of time, and above all, lots of patience. Typically, […]

How a Freedom Home Loan Can Help Pay Off Your Home Rapidly

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Freedom home loans are designed to give you one thing: freedom. Often, buying a home can be an overwhelming process. It requires lots of money, lots of time, and above all, lots of patience. Typically, there will be mounds of paperwork for you to fill out required information that may not even seem relevant. This […]

Who Are the Best Mortgage Lenders in Kansas City

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Now, is the right time to be in Kansas City if you are in the market for a home and require a loan. Mortgage lenders in the Kansas City area are offering flexible buyer options for people hoping to own a home. National lenders, too, are offering opportunities for a wide variety of potential home […]

KC Mortgage Rates: What’s the Current Outlook?

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According to; we opened 2019 with a sharp drop in KC mortgage rates to the lowest level since April 2018 – sparking a mini-boom in mortgage refinancing.  Mostly due to a stagnant holiday season which, if you ask anyone in the mortgage business, is pretty normal. What does this mean? Mortgage rates can be […]

One Story Home VS. Multi-story Home

What size home to buy | Home buying tips from A1 Mortgage

When shopping for a home people often wonder wether a one or two story home is a better buy. Different markets value different home types depending on the area. While there are pros and cons to both, it typically comes down to personal taste. Here are some things to consider for both options. Comparing a […]

Second Home Mortgage

Second Home Mortgage tips by A1 Mortgage Kansas City

Thinking of taking out a second mortgage? Have as much money in your savings account as possible. – Read more tips from A1 Mortgage

Why You Should Refinance

Why you should refinance | Mortgage tips from A1 Mortgage

Even when you own your home, but life can a way of throwing curve balls at you.  If your circumstances have changed since you purchased your home, you may want to think about how refinancing could be the best thing for you. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, refinancing might be […]

5 ways a VA Loan can benefit you

5 VA Loan Benefits from A1 Mortgage

The VA Loan program is just one tangible way to say “thank you for your service,” to current and former members of the military.These unique mortgage options allow veterans and those still serving to be a part of the American dream. Veteran Affairs Home Loans are flexible, government-backed loans come with significant benefits that open the […]

Mortgage Insurance

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You finally found the perfect home for your family, but unfortunately you don’t have the 20 percent down payment that your lender requires to finance your loan. Qualifying for a home loan can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have less than perfect credit or other risk factors that a lender might see. Don’t fret […]

Why You Should Use A Private Loan Officer

Benefits of using a private loan officer | A1 Mortgage

You are ready to buy your dream house and are looking for the best financing options for your home loan. Big banks have always been the popular option when financing, however, people are now looking to private mortgage lenders as a more cost effect option. Private lenders like A1 Mortgage can help those not qualified […]