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One Story Home VS. Multi-story Home

When shopping for a home people often wonder wether a one or two story home is a better buy. Different markets value different home types depending on the area. While there are pros and cons to both, it typically comes down to personal taste. Here are some things to consider for both options.

The yard of a one-story home might be smaller.

If all the homes on a city block are conforming, say, for example, with lot sizes of 40-feet wide by 80-feet deep, that equals square footage of only 3,200 square feet per lot. Some city codes might allocate a small percentage of that .07 acre lot size to a structure. If city code says a building cannot occupy more than 40% of a lot, the footprint of your home in that instance could not exceed 1,280 square feet.

One story homes tend to be more sprawled out to accommodate the features that a two story home will comfortably fit. Ranches tend to be longer and flowing which can take up precious yard space. If outdoor space is important to you and your family, you may want to opt towards a multi-story home.

The Noise Factor

Let’s say a bedroom is located directly over a family room, you may want to consider noises, like the sound from a television, might travel to the second floor at night. This could make it difficult for a person who is trying to sleep in that bedroom while another person watches TV in the downstairs’ family room. If you are a first-time home buyer who has rented for years, you might be tired of listening to sounds traveling through the walls.

Factor in your age and what stage of life you are in. If a home has a bedroom on the main floor but the rest of the bedrooms are upstairs, that could be difficult if you have young kids. You don’t want to be running up and down the stairs all night when you have a baby. And some people are uncomfortable having their children on a different level. When you have older children, having a multi-story home might be the better option as the family can spread out more.

On the contrary, if you are getting older or plan to age in this home, a single level could be a great option. Split levels and narrow stairs can become a huge issue as people age or need assistance. Downsizing can be a great thing when you no longer need all of the space. Having less upkeep can be very important as you age.

Choosing a house that will grow with your family is your best option. Some people opt for a starter home and when they are more established they purchase their family home. It may be challenging to purchase a home that works for every stage in your life. If you buy smart you should be able to buy and sell as the need arises.

Whichever type of home you choose, A1 Mortgage can help you with financing options. Contact us today to get started on purchasing your next home.

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