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Who Are the Best Mortgage Lenders in Kansas City

Now, is the right time to be in Kansas City if you are in the market for a home and require a loan.

Mortgage lenders in the Kansas City area are offering flexible buyer options for people hoping to own a home. National lenders, too, are offering opportunities for a wide variety of potential home buyers in Kansas City.

If you are in the market for a home in Kansas City and do not know what your options are, below are three lending options with the potential to provide the financing you need.

A1 Mortgage

Regardless of a potential home buyer’s borrowing history and/or credit score, A1 Mortgage emphasizes building a one-on-one relationship with its customers. As a lender, A1 Mortgage sets itself apart from larger lending corporations on several levels.

For one, A1 Mortgage makes certain you deal with a single contact during the entire lending process. In addition to the personalized customer service, A1 offers low-interest rates, even for first-time buyers and people with a rocky credit history.

From a loan approval process that generally takes less than five minutes, to cover the closing costs of its customers, A1 Mortgage makes every effort to help you get into the Kansas City home of your choice.

A1 Mortgage has more than 150 5-star Google reviews for a reason.

Local options

Kansas City’s regional mortgage lenders are also making an effort to accommodate credit-challenged home buyers. Even potential home buyers who struggled to find a lender in the past are finding renewed interest from lenders in and around Kansas City.

From lower down payments to modified credit score expectations, Kansas City mortgage lenders are finding creative ways to work with their customers. For example, some lenders accept alternative credit data. That means would-be home buyers with poor credit scores may be eligible for a loan if they can provide proof of rent payments or bank statements showing steady cash flow.

Other lenders in the Kansas City region are providing loans from the FHA and the USDA and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Kansas City’s Local Lenders are finding creative ways to get people into homes.

Large national lenders

The large banks and other national mortgage lending institutions doing business in the Kansas City area can be a solid option for those seeking convenience, customer responsiveness, and online payment and calculating tools. Live operators make employment and income verification quick.

There are, however, drawbacks to some national lenders. Sitting down face-to-face with a representative, for instance, is not an option. Also, in some cases, loan services and products are limited, home equity loans and HELOC for example.

The blend of personal service and online automation is something A1 Mortgage offers. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a customer looking for a convenient way to find the best deal possible, contact A1 Mortgage for help in finding a mortgage that suits your needs.

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