Winter Boat Storage

With all of the great local Kansas City lakes, more and more people are purchasing boats. The only downside to owning a boat in Kansas City, is the unavoidable winter weather. And it’s about that time again. Summer is slowly winding down now and unfortunately that means that’s it’s about time to retire your boat for the winter. While we’re sure winter will fly by, you should make sure to store your boat properly so it’s ready to go the second the warm weather returns.

Take the boat on one last summer ride…

The last ride of the season should be for pleasure, but you should also do some basic checks. See if there is anything that needs fixed in the off-season and have it attended to before you’re in a rush to get back out there. Winter can exacerbate simple problems like cracks, and make them worse. It’s important to get your craft fixed before storing it.


Clean your boat before you store it.

You should never put your boat away dirty. Filth, grime and barnacles can build up without use and make it impossible to clean next spring.  Clean the strainers and thru-hulls and drain the seacocks. Don’t forget about the interior of your vessel: check fridges and cabinets for anything that could spoil over time


Don’t put your boat away wet.

You need to drain all of the water away from your boat.  Raising the bow will help water flow out of it. Let your boat have time to dry completely before storing it away to stop mildew from forming on it. You can purchase mildew control bags to put inside your boat to keep any mildew at bay.


Perform maintenance checks.

Sitting over time can cause corrosion in the engine if not properly maintained. Change your oil, check the antifreeze, apply fogging oil for protection, and check your drive belts.  Also you should leave your vessel with a full tank of gas. This will protect the gas tank from corroding by stopping condensation.


Wax and cover.

Lastly, wax your boat and put a cover on it. Not only will wax make it look shiny and new, but it will also protect it from rust and corrosion.


Taking the time to properly store your boat will save you time and money come springtime. You will be ready to get back on the water in no time and prevent any issues from arising. Happy cruising!

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