What Are The Top Challenges For Today's Buyers

What Are Some Challenges For Finding The Perfect Home?

Everybody’s home search is different. Where one buyer may fall in love, make an offer, and sign a contract after seeing a single house, another may spend weeks without finding a home that fits their needs and lifestyle. In short, how long it takes to locate and close on a house depends on a long list of factors, personal preferences, and conditions.

Finding the Perfect House

So what do buyers who’ve been searching say is the number one thing making it difficult to find a home? Well, according to a new report, it’s finding a home in their price range. In fact, 39% of respondents who have been actively searching for a home said that finding one at a price they could afford was the biggest obstacle. Another common factor was finding a house that had all of the buyer’s desired features. Among participants, 36% said they were having trouble finding a home that checked off the items on their wish list. Being outbid by another buyer and finding a home in the right neighborhood were also popular answers, with both being named by around 30 percent of survey participants. Follow the link for more information (source).

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