Vacation Metros See Surging Popularity

Vacation Metros See Surging Popularity

Anyone who’s been on a great vacation knows how a beautiful spot can get the imagination going. Sunny beaches, mountain views, and seaside towns often lead to daydreams about packing up and starting over somewhere new, far from home. But while these are just fantasies most of the time, one online real-estate portal says the pandemic has more of us looking into making them a reality.

Increase in Views of Vacation Metros

According to the analysis, the number of page views of listings in vacation metros is up over last year. In fact, views of vacation listings are up nearly 50 percent from one year ago. Compared to a 37 percent increase in overall views nationally, that’s significant. But what does it mean? Well, it could mean Americans are shopping for a second home, just dreaming of a new life, or actually making one happen. The pandemic has caused us to reconsider where and how we’d like to live – and remote work has opened up possibilities that weren’t available in the past. Whatever the case, views in places like Myrtle Beach, S.C., Key West, Fla., Lake Tahoe, Nev., Cape Cod, Mass., and Park City, Utah are spiking and pending sales numbers indicate so are sales. Click on the link for more information (source).

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