Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Selling Your Home During the Holidays? You Must Be Serious

Surprising as it may sound there are advantages to selling your home in the winter months.  Many home sellers remove their home from the market during the “winter blues” which makes competition and inventory lower – giving you the advantage.  There are a few hurdles however, which means you must be serious when selling your home during the holidays.

Below are a few additional benefits and some tips to make the most of this season of selling:

Buyers mean business

If a buyer is house hunting in freezing temps during the holiday season…they must be on a mission to buy.  Many winter buyers are up against a deadline – a time sensitive relocation, their current home is under contract or their lease is expiring.  There are many reasons why a buyer may be under pressure, but rest assured that winter buyers are ready to move.

Additionally, home buyers may be motivated by cashing in on tax breaks before year-end.  Buyers are able to deduct real estate taxes, mortgage interest and PMI premiums.  All of these are good reasons to get a house closed before the new year.

There are no seasons in the digital age

Although spring is still the hottest buying season, the old mind-set of strict buying and selling “seasons” has evolved as a result of the internet.  Properties can be searched and viewed at any time and serious buyers are always on the lookout.

Tips to set the buying mood this time of year:

  • Keep things cozy

Keep your home toasty, light a fire and leave fresh-baked goodies and warm cider or hot chocolate available for potential buyers.

  • Keep things simple

Don’t let your decorations overpower your home.  Less is more.  Opt for modest, neutral accessories — think white string lights or a Christmas tree that truly flatters the space.

  • Keep things bright

Shorter days call for more light in your home.  Brighten your home’s exterior with some classic holiday lights or accent lighting to make it more inviting.  On the interior consider experimenting with different lightbulbs to find the ones most flattering to the space.

  • Keep things clean

Leaf covered lawns and snow covered sidewalks can make even the most meticulously maintained homes look sloppy.

With all these beneficial tips hopefully selling your home in the winter doesn’t feel so daunting.  Once you’ve sold your home contact A1 Mortage for your home buying needs. With hundreds of loan programs available, we tailor a loan specific to your mortgage needs.

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