Buying a home with your dog in mind

Purchasing A Home With Your Dog In Mind

The New Trend In Home Buying

Most people have a long list of must haves when they are looking to purchase a new home. While building home equity and having more space are still the highest ranked items on the list, the reason for more space might surprise you: fur kids. You read that correctly…people are buying homes based their dog’s needs.

Gone are the days where people crave large entertaining spaces and formal dining rooms. Sitting rooms and second living spaces are no longer topping the want list.

[clickToTweet tweet=”33% of people say that a major factor when deciding on a home is yard space for their dog. ” quote=”33% of people said the major influencer in purchasing the home they bought was because of the yard size and space that their dog would love. Fido has never been happier or a higher priority than in recent years.”]

The Bad News

Unfortunately with the need for more homes to accommodate the booming population growth, lot sizes are shrinking each year. Homes are being crammed together so that more and more homes can be built. Lot sizes have reached an all time low with the median size being less than one-fifth of an acre. This is troubling news for your best friend, especially if he’s a more active breed that needs more exercise.

If you are pet-free, the smaller yard probably isn’t an issue for you. You will have a low-maintenance lot and save money on upkeep. You could even save money on your water bill over time.

Alternative Options To A Large Backyard

To accommodate the shrinking lot sizes, we are seeing the emergence of neighborhood parks are popping up all over the place. If you’re a pet owner, finding a home within walking distance to a dog park or one of these neighborhood green spaces should probably be on your priority list.


Would you make a big life purchase based on your furry friend? If the answer is yes, share your needs with your realtor and have them help you find the best place for you and your best friend to call home. You should be able to have the home of your dreams and your dog should have the backyard of his dreams.


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