Number Of Home Showings Up 64% From Last Year

Number Of Home Showings Up 64% From Last Year

There is a lot of real estate data devoted to tracking buyer demand. Reports covering home sales, home showings, contract signings, and builder confidence are all, in one way or another, measuring how many interested buyers are in the market. These reports are worth following, especially for anyone thinking of buying or selling a home. After all, having a general awareness of how many buyers there are can help prospective home shoppers know how much competition to expect when they start looking for a house. Logically, someone thinking of selling their home will want to know whether or not there are buyers in the market.

Significant Increase in Home Showings from 2019

That’s why new data looking at the number of showings homes for sale have scheduled is interesting. The report found that they were up over last year by a significant amount. In fact, showing traffic was up 64.1 percent year-over-year. Regionally, the Northeast saw the biggest increase, with traffic 68.4 percent higher than last year – though the West, Midwest, and South all followed closely behind. Ultimately, the data shows that, despite the pandemic and the end of the summer season, buyers and sellers are still active and the market’s still hot. For more information, click here.

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