Number of Home Showings Jumped In January

Number of Home Showings Increasing In January

When there are fewer homes available for sale, those that are on the market receive more interest. After all, it’s easier to get buyers interested in your home, if there aren’t many others to see. That’s the case these days. Simply put, it’s a good time for homeowners who want to sell. How good?

Home Showings Increasing in New Year

Well, according to one recent report, very good. The analysis looked at the average number of home showings per listing in January, which is a pretty accurate way to measure current buyer demand. What they found was – even at a time of year when housing market activity is typically slow – the average number of home showings reached double digits in 83 markets across the country. Nationally, showings were up nearly 8 percent over year-before numbers, and in the top markets they were closer to 15 percent higher than last year. Based on the data, there’s pretty good evidence that the market is still hot, and primed for home sellers, heading into the spring sales season. Follow the link for more information.

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