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March Spotlight: Meet Annette Nierman

Favorite restaurant and why?

My favorite restaurant isn’t upscale at all but has two decades of memories for myself and my husband and over a decade of memories for our two kids. It’s a little Mexican restaurant in Lee’s Summit that’s changed names three times now. You may have known it as “El Maguey” or “ El Ranchero.” My daughter and I just ate there and when we pulled up our hearts sunk as we noticed the sign said “Carmen’s Cantina.” When we walked in the door we immediately asked if there were new owners and luckily it’s the same friendly crew. It’s where you can unwind after a long day, get the kids to talk to you since they’re trapped in a booth and where my daughter had her first quesadilla as a baby.

What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up and why?

I was born an artist, coloring on my grandparents’ newly painted white wall, creating art daily, dreaming of art projects I’d wake up and create. I entered every art contest I heard about and wrote “Hallmark” on the back of all the cards I made. I earned a BFA from UCM and worked as a graphic designer in the PR and marketing departments for 20 years, 10 of which I launched my own graphic design business. One of my favorite places is still the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and in my spare time, I enjoy interior design.

What excited you the most about the home Mortgage industry?

My favorite aspect of the Mortgage industry has always been getting to know the clients. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them through the years, listening to their goals and dreams and suggesting options to help them reach their goals. I’ve always strived to truly make a difference in someone’s life and have enjoyed hearing clients say they were able to pay off their home sooner, retire sooner, utilize their equity to send a child to college or get approved for that first home! I enjoy problem-solving and thinking out of the box and the mortgage industry provides that challenge!

What do you love most about your city?

I love our KC pride and how we’re always willing to help each other out. I worked for the Kansas City Royals for 8 years, so KC baseball is near and dear to my heart. I was also raised on Gate’s BBQ!!! I love our LS Parks, the new ice skating rink in Lee’s Summit and our LS “hometown feel.”

How long have you been with A1?

8 years since September 2018.

What does A1 Mortgage stand for in your mind?

Family! We build the business on treating each other like family, treating our customers like family and truly caring about each other. We’ve been on vacations together, fun outings and have been there for each other through the hard, personal challenges too. We’re all more than just “co-workers,” we’re dear friends and root each on always. The majority of our customers are repeat clients that we’ve come to know on a personal level. We listen to their goals and what season of life they’re in and want to place them in the best situation possible to achieve their dreams. It’s an amazing feeling when they tell us how we helped impact their lives, whether it be helping them get cash out, going to a lower term, saving them on their monthly payment, helping them retire early or approving them for their dream home!

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