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Kansas City Mortgage Lenders and Their Stories

Here at A1 Mortgage, we are extremely proud of our team of Kansas City mortgage lenders and the way they serve our community.

Among other things, they are always available to help you better understand your various mortgage options.

8 Quotes from Your Friendly Kansas City Mortgage Lenders

We know that choosing a lender is a big decision. So, we thought we’d introduce ourselves a bit and have our Kansas City mortgage lenders explain what it means to be a part of our team and service our clients.

1. Tyler Ryser

“A1 Mortgage stands for customer service.  In such a competitive market like the mortgage industry, you cannot survive on your product alone.  We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times from application-to-close and our individual one-on-one customer care.”

Learn more about Tyler Ryser

2. Kina Gunels

“Family. A place where families come together to make their dream homes a reality.”

Learn more about Kina Gunnels

3. Annette Nierman

“Family! We build the business on treating each other like family, treating our customers like family, and truly caring about each other.

We’ve been on vacations together, fun outings and have been there for each other through the hard, personal challenges, too. We’re all more than just ‘coworkers.’ We’re dear friends and root each on always.

The majority of our customers are repeat clients whom we’ve come to know on a personal level. We listen to their goals and what season of life they’re in to place them in the best situation possible to achieve their dreams.

It’s an amazing feeling when they tell us how we helped impact their lives, whether it be helping them get cash out, lowering term, saving them on their monthly payment, helping them retire early, or approving them for their dream home!”

Learn more about Annette Nierman.

4. William Reeves

“Helping people with A1 customer service.”

Learn more about William Reeves

5. Rick Langley

“”My family” is always finding new ways to help other families!”

Learn more about Rick Langley

7. Karly McDonald

“To me, A1 Mortgage is a company that has your back during the entire process of your loan. The loan officers are all about personalized attention for each borrower on every single loan. The entire A1 team works hard to get everything in order so that every loan can close on time. Many of us are friends inside and outside of the office, so this helps us work very well as a team.”

Learn more about Karly McDonald

8. Jack Chalmers

“A great team that really cares about its clients and its employees.”

Learn more about Jack Chalmers

Meet Our Team of Kansas City Mortgage Lenders in Person

Whether you’re currently in the market for a mortgage or you’d like some more information before getting started, our team of Kansas City mortgage lenders is here to help.

Contact us today to learn more—our team is always available to help with all your mortgage needs.

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