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How to Close a Home Loan Faster

Are you ready to buy a home in Kansas City?

Do you already have one picked out?

Then the next step is understanding how to quickly close home loans in Kansas City.

3 Ways to Quickly Close Home Loans in Kansas City

It currently takes approximately 47 days to close on a home across all loan types.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of common loan types:

  • Conventional Loan: 47 days
  • FHA Loan: 47 days
  • VA: 49 days

Any of those can be an excruciatingly long times to wait. It means putting off plans to continue your search in case everything doesn’t go as scheduled. Of course, if it doesn’t, you need to pick up where you left off right away and try to find another home ASAP.

1. Make Sure You Have All of Your Documents Ready

One of the reasons it often takes much longer than necessary to close home loans in Kansas City is because the borrower doesn’t have all of their necessary documentation ready. While every lender may be a little different, at the very least, you’ll need to provide:

  • Pay Stubs
  • W2s
  • Bank Statements

Expect that any mortgage originator will want to pull a credit report on you, as well. So, it’s worth checking yours beforehand. Otherwise, if there are errors that need fixing, you could be waiting several months before you’re ready to proceed again.

2. Keep Everything as It Is During Your Loan Process

You’d think buying a home would be enough excitement for most people, but some go through other major life changes during this time. They might quit their job to start a new one or make another major purchase, like a boat.

The problem is that these kinds of changes will draw scrutiny during the application review process. Many lenders will worry about whether or not you’ll be able to make mortgage payments with these big changes in your life.

3. Choose a Lender with a Closing-Date Guarantee

Finally, the actual lender you choose will make all the difference. Even though the lender should have every reason to look forward to offering you a mortgage, some may be much slower than others.

Do your research and find one with an impressive reputation for quickly closing home loans in Kansas City.

Even better, choose a lender who offers a closing guarantee. This will prove just how dedicated they are to helping you purchase your home without delay.

We Love to Close Home Loans in Kansas City ASAP

At A1 Mortgage, we know you’re excited about the prospect of purchasing a home. Whether it’s your first one, or you’ve done this before, we completely appreciate that you don’t want to wait around to finally get the keys.

That’s why we do everything possible to close home loans in Kansas City in as quickly as 10 days.

In fact, you can begin filling out an application right now. Otherwise, just contact us with any questions you have or for help getting started.


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