How To Babyproof Your Home

Is your family expanding by two feet? Whether you’re newly pregnant or due any moment, now is the time to get started on baby proofing your home. While it may seem early, babies start exploring and touching everything as soon as they can. You want your home all ready to go when that happens. How do you get started and what is really important when it comes to keeping your curious baby safe?

Get on your baby’s level and see things from this lower point of view.

This will give you a great idea of things you might be missing from your vantage point. It’s easy to miss things that could be harmful when you are towering above everyday items.


Start big.

Make sure furniture is attached to the wall properly and don’t overlook items you think are too heavy to be pulled over.  The number of infant and toddler deaths from improperly secured furniture is tragically high.  Put bumpers on sharp corners to prevent any injuries there and secure drawers to prevent climbing.


Be wary of cords and electrical outlets.

The plastic outlet covers that require screws are an easily solution to prevent electrocution. Fasten cords against the wall or under furniture. Zip ties are a great way to keep them organized and away from a curious baby. Don’t forget about window cords too that can be a danger and appliance cords that could potentially pull something off the countertop.


Secure all hazardous items in a cabinet out of reach.

Cleaners, shampoos and medicine should be put away.  Put childproof locks on lower cabinets to keep small appliances from falling and fingers from getting accidentally smashed.


For the baby on the move, limit their range. Install baby gates to keep the little one in eyesight and at the top and bottom of stairs to prevent climbing and falling. Look for gates that securely attach to the walls and are sturdy.


Start early.

While it may feel overwhelming at first, taking it room by room will make the process less daunting. Getting started early will eliminate you feeling rushed and missing something that could be very dangerous. Taking your time and doing it correctly will ensure the safety of your new addition and give you peace of mind.





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