How Many Showings Does The Typical Listing Have

How Many Showings Does The Typical Listing Have?

Every homeowner with a home to sell wants to attract qualified buyers. After all, the more interest there is in your home, the more likely it is that you’ll get a good offer. One way to measure interest is to pay attention to how many buyers are scheduling showings to tour your house. But how many showings does a listing typically see?

How Many Showings per House?

Well, according to one recent analysis, the nationwide average number of showings per listing was 8.49 in April. In the top 25 markets, though, the average was closer to 15. Of course, a lot depends on the home you’re selling and its location. For example, showings have slowed this spring compared to last year’s competitive pace, but some regions have seen a bigger drop in activity than others. Wherever you are, though, there are bound to be buyers. Even in an unusual spring market, where mortgage rates and low inventory have dampened demand, there were still more than 100 markets in April averaging double-digit showings per listing. Follow the link for more information.

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