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How Many Americans Move Each Year?

Moving means a new house, new routines, and a fresh start. Naturally, it can be exciting. But the actual work of relocating isn’t quite as fun. Packing up a house, sorting through belongings, cleaning out basements, closets, and storage spaces isn’t a task most people look forward to. And, depending how long you’ve lived in your house, there can be a lot to go through.

Home Moving

So how many of us pack up our lives and move each year? Well, according to one recent analysis, around 10 percent. In fact, 9.8 percent of Americans moved in 2019, which was the lowest rate since 1947. However, it wasn’t much lower than it’s been over the past few years. For example, only 10.1 percent moved in both 2017 and 2018. Of course, the fact that fewer of us have been moving in recent years isn’t because we can’t bear the thought of cleaning out the garage.

Low Rates

Factors like the economy, job market, demographics, home prices, and mortgage rates are far more likely to influence how many Americans relocate in any given year. See the detailed report from Housing Wire by clicking here. (source)

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