Home Sellers Plan To List In Next Six Months

Home Sellers Plan To List In Next Six Months

There’s a frustratingly low number of homes for sale these days. Low inventory has been pushing prices higher and making it harder for home buyers to find a home to buy. It hasn’t, though, kept buyers from trying. In fact, buyer demand remains high. And fortunately for those hopeful home shoppers, it looks like relief may be on the way. New data shows upcoming plans for home sellers.

Home Sellers Listing Plans

Not only has new residential construction been increasing lately, a recently released survey from the National Association of Realtors’ consumer website shows there’s also an increasing number of homeowners who say they plan to list their home for sale, and soon. According to survey results, 64 percent of prospective sellers say they plan to sell within the next six months. Among them, many say they’re ready to make a move because they’re looking for a home with different features than their current home or because they no longer need to live near their job. However, a hot seller’s market is also a big motivator, with profit ranking as the number one reason homeowners say they’re planning to list this year. Follow the link for more information.

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