Working from Home

Home Office Space Added To More Wishlists

The coronavirus and efforts to slow its spread have caused big changes to Americans’ day-to-day routine. Relying more on delivery services to cooking more at home are just some of the few examples. The way we live our lives and how we do things have changed immensely in the past couple of months. Among those changes, working from home has been a big one.

Working Remotely

While modern technology has made it easier for more people to work from wherever they are, the pandemic has more of us working remotely. Thus the way we think about our living spaces has shifted. If allowed to work remotely long-term, one recent analysis found an increasing number of Americans who would move

Office Space

However, it isn’t only our ideas about where we’d like to live that have changed, it’s also the features we look for in a house. According to the survey, the majority of respondents who work from home have said that they’re working from a room that isn’t a dedicated office. Consequently, there is an increase in interest in homes that have an office, or at least enough extra space to find a quiet spot to get some work done. Follow the link for more information (source).

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