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Find the Best Home and Home Loan Lender in Kansas City, MO This Spring

Kansas City is a wonderful place to purchase a home and a great community to join.  As spring approaches, there will be a renewed interest in the housing market, and it’s in the interest of potential buyers to get a leg-up on the competition for the 2019 Home Buying Season.

This post will briefly discuss some of the seasonal home-buying options for 2019, as well give buyers an idea of what to look for in the best home loan lender in Kansas City, MO. Read on to learn more.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

Kansas City is Missouri’s largest city, and the City of Fountains continues to grow at a strong rate. In fact, Kansas City has emerged as an emerging real estate investment market, and as such, the cost of housing is anticipated to continue climbing.

Per internet real estate giant Zillow, there are currently about 2100 homes of sale as of January 2019, with that number expected to drop as the weather warms. Zillow estimates the median home value of a house in Kansas City to be $121,600, with home expected to appreciate at a solid rate of about 4%.

Zillow also reports that the home values in greater Kansas City have climbed almost 11% since the end of 2017, and the value of homes in Kansas City will continue to move up at rates ranging 3-4% annually. A home purchased today in Kansas City for $125,000 could be worth $135,000 in just 24 months.

Wallethub had similarly-positive things to report, placing Kansas City as the 18th out of their 300 fastest-growing U.S. cities and one of their best big cities to live in for 2019.

Overall, the housing market in Kansas City is stable and strong – drawing envy from those on each coast. People are quickly learning that Kansas City is a great place to buy and invest. If you plan to join the rush, then it’s critical that you find a great home loan lender in Kansas City, MO.

Looking for the Best Home Loan Lender in Kansas City, MO?

A1 Mortgage is owned and operated by veterans, and provides the same high-quality service via our website, over the phone, or in person at our local office. We do everything we can to make the home-buyer process simple and straightforward, particularly for first-time buyers.

Buyers looking for the best home loan lender in Kansas City, MO will want to take a close look at A1 Mortgage, as the team at A1 Mortgage works together closely to ensure that everyone involved has a great experience before, during, and after the completion of the loan process.

By working with A1, borrowing will incur no out-of-pocket closing costs, highly-competitive interest rates, personalized account attention, and loan approval is often an hour or less.

In short, A1 Mortgage is an exceptional choice for a mortgage lender and is dedicated to earning the business of home-loan borrowers throughout greater Kansas City.

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