Farmhouse Style Popular With Home Buyers

Home design trends come and go. But whether today’s fad is mid-century inspired or favors a more contemporary look, home buyers can’t help but be swayed by the latest décor trends. After all, no one wants their house to look dated or like it hasn’t been touched since 1982. So which trends are dominating today’s market? Do they include a modern farmhouse?

Farmhouse Popular?

Well, according to one recent analysis, the style that buyers will pay the highest premium for is modern farmhouse. Comfortable, casual, and a little rustic is popular with today’s buyers. In fact, listings that advertise a home’s farmhouse aesthetic sold at a 10.3 percent premium, which outpaced all others. That means, an extra $25,000 on the typical American home. Other design trends that were associated with a higher premium included waterfall counter tops, Moroccan tile, exposed brick, and free-standing tubs.

Home That Fits Your Needs

Ultimately, though, buyers should choose a home that fits their specific lifestyle and personal preferences, because today’s hottest style is likely to be out of fashion by the time you’re ready to put the house back on the market. See the detailed article on this unique style by clicking here. (source)

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