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Exterior Home Staging

Staging your home is common when selling your house. Have you thought about staging the outside though? It’s a simple but often overlooked thing that can make the difference between selling your home quickly and having it sit on the market for weeks.

Your home should appear well maintained and cared for.

Cleaning your screens and windows will ward off buyers muses about other maintenance items that haven’t been addressed. Don’t give them anything to stress about.

Exterior home staging tips by A1 Mortgage
Exterior home staging tips by A1 Mortgage

Clear all weeds and plant bright flowers that drive the eye to your home. Mulching flowerbeds and clearing overgrown brush will have a huge impact on your curb appeal. A little bit of extra care goes a long ways.

Your home can never appear too clean. Power-wash your walkways, driveways and patios. Wash your siding to brighten up your home’s exterior, clear caked on dirt and cobwebs.  You’ll be shocked how much better your exterior will look without all that dirt and grime.


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Update old fixtures, furniture, etc!

Replace outdated doorknobs and exterior light fixtures to add a modern touch to your home. Buyers don’t want to see everything looking outdated on your home from the curb. Adding modern address signage is another way to modernize the face of your house.

Staging the outside of your home | Tips from A1 Mortgage
Staging the outside of your home | Tips from A1 Mortgage

Whether you have an inviting front porch or an expansive patio, update that tired old furniture. Potential buyers will be able to picture themselves cozying up on that porch or entertaining on their new patio. You want to make your home feel warm and inviting.

Having the cleanest real estate listing on the block will get people excited about looking at your home and make buyers willing to offer more initially. Why wouldn’t you do a little work to make your home an easy sell?



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