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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficient homes are the future and the future is here. Whether you have an existing home you are looking to make greener or are thinking about your new build, you won’t regret following these steps to efficiency. 

How Efficient Is Your Current Home?

In an existing home, you will want to conduct a home energy assessment and see where your home is losing energy.  You can learn how your home uses energy and how to cut costs by saving money on utilities. You might be surprised what an energy suck everyday appliances can be and how simple some of the fixes can be. To set up your home energy assessment, check with the Residential Energy Services Network, they provide a directory of certified energy raters and auditors near you.

Building An Energy Efficient Home

Think whole-house systems approach and consider all of the variables with your new build.  The intent is to reduce energy usage in the most cost effective way. Take advantage of the climate you live in by using solar water heating and electricity. By picking the right building site you can also utilize passive solar heating and cooling. Landscaping can also play a huge factor in energy efficiency.

How Design Can Save Energy

Optimum value engineering will reduce the amount of lumber used whether you are using a new home or adding on to an existing one. These homes are built just as sturdy without the wasted resources used in traditional home framing. Cool roofs use highly reflective roofing panels to reflect light and reduce heat absorption from sunlight.

Total Energy Efficiency

If you want to go all out an make your home efficient as possible, consider alternative building materials. Straw bale homes and earth shelter homes reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls of your home. Manufactured homes and log homes are also known to be more efficient than traditional built homes. Adding additional caulking to seams and weather stripping will make your home efficient through all the seasons.

Energy Rebates

While you will save money over time, energy rebates can really add up. You will receive a tax credit for efficient updates you make to your home including efficient roofs, insulation materials, energy efficient windows, and heating and cooling equipment. Be sure to save your receipts for tax season, you could be looking at huge rebates.

Think Sustainable

The benefits of making your home energy efficient are endless. Not only will you save money on utilities, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping sustain the earth. Get started today and save big.


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